Research Assistant Vice President

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Job Summary:

1) Help lead efforts to improve the mining, analysis and reporting of economic and real estate data to support AEWs investment teams;

2) Work directly with senior research staff to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing data tools while also analyzing the vast data resources available to the team and identifying new analytics that can help drive investment decision making; and

3) Engage in database & information resource development, maintain and update the data warehouse in a timely manner, conduct local real estate market analysis and perform forecast modeling as well as preparation of written and/or graphical decision support materials.

Particular Job Duties:

1) Utilize real estate, economic, demographic and other data to conduct quantitative analysis and build advanced statistical models by using Python and other data science tools to predict rent growth, evaluate growing markets, and identify trends or relationships among economic variables;

2) Create interactive dashboards using PowerBI and other analytics tools and presentations to inform real estate investment decisions;

3) Utilize ArcGIS to conduct geographic analysis of economic and real estate market data;

4) Conduct applied research, identified real estate market trends, perform regional economic analysis and prediction, create capital market and financial analysis, and prepare portfolio and property market reports or other on demand research requests;

5) Lead the product management role for the ongoing development and maintenance of AEWs Research data warehouse and related tools. Responsible for communication between Research team and Information Technology team to implement requests and solve problems;

6) Design new interfaces and functions for the data warehouse to improve data query efficiency and accuracy and enhance the user experience;

7) Identify new ideas and methods for solving challenges in the data integration process such as system breakdowns and new user requirements;

8) Perform data engineering jobs using multiple tools to ensure data integrity: utilize the Profiler and ETL process to integrate new data and to adjust and optimize existing data structures, and use Python and other tools to clean, prepare and transform different data sources or formats so that they integrate with AEWs data warehouse;

9) Maintain a large data warehouse containing millions of records from multiple data vendors in a timely manner, and update all other reports, data reserved records or other data management tools; and

10) Collaborate with AEWs Information Technology, Portfolio Management, Acquisition and Assets Management teams to develop, select, and implement key technologies for the ongoing analysis and reporting of research data.

Education and Experience Requirements:

Employer requires at least a Master’s degree in Business Analytics or a closely related field and at least 3 years of experience as a quantitative research analyst working in the real estate industry. In addition, the employer requires the following:

1) 3 years of experience using data analytics to create real estate decision-making presentations;

2) 2 years of experience working with regional economics, property markets, and finance;

3) Proficiency with SQL, Dashboard software, and data science skills;

4) 1 year of experience with applied research; and

5) Demonstrated ability to design or work with database application projects.

All years of experience may be gained concurrently.

This position qualifies for the company’s employee referral program.

AEW Capital Management is an affirmative action-equal opportunity employer.

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