Fund Operations Associate/Associate Director Fund Controller

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AEW is seeking an Associate/Associate Director level Fund Controller to be based in Frankfurt. The position is responsible for ensuring the financial and administrative management together with a Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft (“KVG”) of a Master German Real Estate Spezialfunds (Master-Immobilien-Spezial-Sondervermögen/Master-Immobilien Spezial-AIF). The KVG will remain the fund’s administrator and outsource asset management and parts of the portfolio management to AEW Europe LLP. This role encompasses supervision guidance, and general assistance of the KVG in fulfilling its role as fund administrator. 

Main Activities & Tasks

This position includes the following tasks:

Ensuring the communication to the KVG and custodian

  • Uploading and downloading of all required information to the online System ReStage of the KVG during acquisition, asset management and sales periods;
  • Seek all necessary internal and external approvals from AEW, the KVG and the custodian bank;
  • Assist in the re-/negotiation of service contracts between AEW Europe LLP and any service providers;

Business Plan

  • Create once per year and update periodically the business plan of the fund
  • Guide and assist the valuers (“Deutsche Gutachter”) in preparing yearly valuations of the fund’s assets

Debt Management

  • Assist on negotiating financial agreements 
  • Manage financing and refinancing agreements
  • Anticipate financial and legal constraints arising from the financing contracts
  • Debt and covenant reporting


  • Negotiate and manage hedging arrangements for both interest and currency hedges
  • Monitor and anticipate financial and legal constraints arising from the hedging contracts

Supporting role on transactions (acquisitions and disposals)

  • Validate the Business Plans of acquisitions prepared by the Investments Department
  • Set up the structure of acquisition, taking into account the financial, legal and tax requirements of the fund.
  • Guide and assist the valuers (“deutsche Gutachter”) in preparing valuations for acquisitions, disposals and ongoing asset management
  • Organize and assist presentations for shareholders’ meetings and investors’ committees for investment approvals/disposals

Structuring and organizing fund flows

  • Contribute to marketing to potential investors by providing Questions / Answers assistance on business plan and latest financial performance
  • Assist in develop the structure of the Fund and manage the financial flows from companies owning real estate assets to Fund and investors
  • Ensure structuring in coordination with the legal team , external legal support and tax advisors as well as the KVG

Corporate and Tax

  • Implement the restructuring of the Fund and its subsidiaries in coordination with legal and tax advisors (structuring acquisitions or divestitures, optimization of transactions, organizing and maintaining an efficient structure)
  • Ensure compliance with tax and legal obligations in relation to the Legal Department, advisors and / or local service providers / corporate managers
  • Prepare presentations for shareholders’ meetings and investors’ committees in relation to the Legal Department and / or advisors and participate in meetings and committees in order to explain the financial matters
  • Keep abreast of changes in corporate law and taxation in Luxembourg and target countries of the investments

Cash Management

  • Calculating and initiating capital calls to investors and bank drawdowns and monitor their implementation together with KVG
  • Ensure the cash returns to investors together with KVG
  • Manage cash flows linked to external debt and shareholder/intra group loans
  • Manage cash-flows between Fund and local SPVs

Production of Accounts

  • Supervise the service providers/corporate managers for accounting and validate/confirm financial statements;
  • Organize the appointment of auditors and manage relationship (account reviews, ad hoc requests, etc)
  • Coordinate with internal team for the production of consolidated accounts

Quarterly Reporting

  • Supervise the KVG in the consolidation of information from the Fund Manager, asset management, property manager and accounting providers to achieve timely and complete reporting and the assessment of the Net asset value to the attention of the investors of the Fund on monthly basis
  • Answer questions from KVG, custodian and or investors
  • Prepare, review and control the Fund’s financial accounts on quarterly basis

Monthly Reporting KAG

  • Assist KAG in producing monthly NAV

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AEW is an equal opportunity employer.