Paris, France


Seizame is a 12,292 sqm, Class A office asset located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. The asset has been owned by AEW since 1982, and was purchased a year after construction.


A full refurbishment program was started in 2014 and completed in 2017. Post-refurbishment, the asset has received BREEAM "Excellent" and HQE Rénovation "Exceptionnel" scores.


Before and during construction works, there was considerable communication with local residential tenants to ensure a successful renovation. Almost 20 meetings were held with residents to discuss issues and concerns. An acoustic expert was appointed to help advise on building renovation noise, and a weekly noise schedule was sent to residents. A 6,500 sqm acoustic tarpaulin that now covers the building reduced noise levels by 10-15 dB. Demolition was only allowed between 9am-11am, and 2pm to 3pm.

Light Levels 
Internally, the whole floor plan was remodeled moving offices towards the windows to benefit from natural light. The metro station built in the basement was designed with large skylights to ensure plenty of natural light. In addition, ceilings have been heightened as high spec heating and cooling systems installed now take up less space. 

Green Spaces
Externally, the whole roof was redesigned with a large portion now being dedicated as a "living roof" for vegetation. This also hides and muffles the sound of air conditioning units.

Environmental Footprint
92% of all building waste during the refurbishment has been recycled.

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