CASE STUDY Velizy Connect Campus

Velizy-Villacoublay, France

Spanning over 40,000 squared meters, the Velizy Connect Campus started intensive renovations in 2015 that were only recently completed in 2018. AEW worked to reposition the property into a space composed of two office buildings, a multipurpose building and a services building.

Renovation highlights include:

  • Refurbished ceilings and carpets in the office building
  • Heating and ventilation system underwent a major overhaul 
  • Lighting upgrades included LED light slabs and LED strip lighting
  • Meeting rooms at the property are equipped with variable rate boxes that improve thermal comfort and the efficiency of the space
  • All the chillers at the building were replaced with efficient heating pumps 
  • Roof insulation was added to reduce energy use at the property

The property scored a BREEAM Very Good rating, with a score of 64% and an Excellent through the HQE Renovation green building certification system. The property also achieved a BBC Effinergie Renovation label.

Three Green Building Certifications

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