RESILIENCE Protecting, Preserving, and Promoting Value Across Our Portfolios

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AEW is Invested in Resilience.

We believe that resilience is a driving force, preparing us and our assets to thrive in dynamic circumstances, to adapt to societal trends, and to weather changes in our physical and operating environments.

We are invested in a culture of excellence as stewards of a responsible business, as trusted fiduciaries for our clients, as employer of choice for our people, and as champions of vibrant and inclusive communities.


Embedding Resilience Across Performance, People, and Processes

AEW is committed to meaningful action, strategic adaptation, and continual learning in pursuit of progress on our resilience strategy. Key objectives include:


Efficiency, Risk and Expense Management

  • Seek to reduce consumption of energy & water, minimize waste, and lower carbon emissions
  • Identify sustainability measures and pilot innovative practices
  • Explore third-party green certifications
  • Identify and mitigate climate-related risk


Stakeholder Engagement
and Social Impact

  • Foster an inclusive environment that values diverse perspectives
  • Monitor employee and tenant engagement
  • Promote healthy work environments
  • Partner with organizations to introduce real estate as a career option for underserved students


Transparency and

  • SRI policy embedded within the investment process
  • Monitor and manage compliance with government benchmarking requirements
  • Continue to provide and improve training to our employees on resilience-focused topics

Invested In Our Communities

As a firm built upon the excellence of our people, we invest financial support as well as our time and talent in partnerships, organizations, and initiatives that strengthen our communities. In 2023, we launched a signature community investment platform – Places for People. Through Places for People, we seek to enhance places and spaces that promote stability, well-being, and connection for people in our communities, especially those from historically marginalized populations and underinvested neighborhoods. To deliver on this mission, we partner with leading nonprofit organizations doing impactful work in our key communities – markets with large employee populations and significant investments. While each community’s needs vary, AEW’s place-based approach to enhancing people’s quality of life allows us to bring an array of resources and expertise to bear to support initiatives in our local communities.

Enhancing access to places & spaces that promote stability, well-being, & connection, & improve people's lives

Employee Community Investment

Our employees have a long legacy of volunteering and rallying support for causes they are personally passionate about. To harness this energy and expand participation, we launched Matching Gifts and Volunteer Rewards benefits for all employees* at the end of 2022.

Through these programs, AEW will amplify employees' support for causes they care about through dollar-for-dollar matching donations and rewards for time spent volunteering. This flexible, blended program allows employees to give back however is most meaningful to them – whether through gifts of time, money, or both – while earning matching support from AEW.

Engagement and impact during 2023 were considerably increased compared with 2022, with more employees participating across giving and volunteerism opportunities.


AEW Global Resilience Report

We invite you to take a moment to learn more about our ongoing efforts, partnerships and goals by reading our Resilience Report. We will continue to promote this cause and work diligently to be a socially responsible corporate citizen.

View Our Global Resilience Report

Resilience factors are considered for all investments pursuant to AEW’s Socially Responsible Investment Policy. How or the extent to which these considerations are assessed or integrated depends on the asset class and the research and investment approach of each Fund. Other considerations or attributes of an investment may outweigh Resilience considerations when making investment decisions.

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