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Our Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies

Core Strategies



AEW’s core investment strategies include real estate investments in the primary property sectors (office, industrial, retail, multifamily) in all major metropolitan markets. Our core investment strategies seek to provide investors with an attractive total return, with an emphasis on steady generation of income.

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Core Plus & Value-Add Strategies



AEW’s core plus/value add investment strategies include real estate investments in each of the primary property sectors (office, industrial, retail, multifamily, sector-focused/niche strategies), as well as in the seniors housing sector. Our core-plus/value-add investment strategies seek to add value through re-positioning, renovation, new capital structures and other active management strategies to provide investors with an attractive total return, comprised of current cash distributions and appreciation potential through re-positioning and other active management strategies.

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Opportunistic Strategies



AEW was a pioneer in the development of opportunistic strategies for real estate.  AEW’s opportunistic strategies identify and capitalize on emerging investment trends in real estate before they become fully-appreciated by the broader market and execute investment strategies to capitalize on them. The opportunistic real estate strategies target attractive total returns.

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Real Estate Securities Strategies



AEW takes a research-driven, bottom-up, value-oriented approach to the construction and management of real estate equity securities strategies.  With regional teams based in Boston, London and Singapore, AEW integrates the capabilities of equity securities professionals with the ground-up knowledge of direct real estate professionals, as well as the top down perspective. AEW has real estate equity securities strategies that include real estate equity securities across the North American, European, Asia Pacific and Global markets.

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Debt & Capital Markets

AEW is a trusted partner and proven source of competitively priced capital for real estate owners and operators. AEW is an active buyer, seller and lender for all types of debt investments secured by commercial properties throughout North America and select international markets. We offer real estate owners and operators access to a variety of equity and debt sources through flexible, reliable and creative capital that can be structured to meet our partners' and investors' needs.

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Separate Accounts & Transferred Assets

AEW offers separately managed accounts and transferred asset management capabilities in a manner that is consistent with each client's goals and objectives in core and value-add strategies.  Through thoughtful, strategic planning and diligent execution, AEW has been enhancing the value of its clients' portfolios since 1981.

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