AEW Expands Investment Committee

BOSTON, MA (March 19, 2019) – AEW is pleased to announce several additions to the Investment Committee in North America. The Committee as it is currently constituted has been in place since 2007. As a Firm, AEW felt it was time to expand this group that is core to the Firm’s success to include several additional members of our investment team beyond just the current Management Committee.

AEW’s Investment Committee is one of the primary groups responsible for managing risk for the firm. The Investment Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving all private equity transactions at AEW, carefully vetting the underwriting and due diligence completed by our acquisition teams before a transaction can be completed on behalf of any of our funds or accounts. All new asset acquisitions, regardless of size, must be approved unanimously by AEW’s Investment Committee. The AEW Investment Committee is composed of the senior-most investment professionals within the firm. 

Joining the Investment Committee effective April 1, 2019 will be senior investment personnel from our three private equity strategies – core, value-add and opportunistic - Mike Byrne, Maureen Joyce and Tony Crooks, respectively. Additionally, Al Della Porta, a Director in the firm’s Capital Markets group, serves as a member of Investment Committee for debt investments. Each of these individuals brings many years of investment acquisition and management expertise and will help strengthen AEW’s overall process. 

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